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Current News

Imminent Demise of Glen Waverley Interchurch Council?

A letter has been sent out to all churches in the Glen Waverley area asking them if they want to see the GW Interchurch Council continuing. The participation of local churches in the running of GWICC has declined to the point where the current membership feels unable to continue.

As the letter says, unfortunately the fervour to continue in the participation to the ICC has diminished to an unsustainable level in the last 12 months - we have only had 4 churches sending representatives to regular meetings.

The letter asked churches to indicate whether they would be prepared to send at least one representative to GWICC meetings, with a deadline of Monday, 12 Feb 2024.

To date, only one reply has been received, and that was a negative response.

The conclusion seems clear that the GWICC will have to close, unless a miracle occurs. This may be the last time you will be able to read this web page.

Monash Interfaith Gathering Inc.

GWICC has connections with the Monash Interfaith Gathering group. They have just published their new web page here.

VCC Newsletter

The latest VCC Newsletter can be found online by following the links at the VCC Home Page.

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