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Report from The Royal Commission into Family Violence

Dear Faith Leaders

Thank you very much for attending today’s consultation session at the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

The Commissioners found the session very informative, and are grateful for the time and insights you gave us. We hope that the session was valuable for each of you as well.

The matters discussed will help the Commission in its task of developing proposals for future initiatives to prevent and respond to family violence. We have made comprehensive notes of the session for this purpose.

At the conclusion of the session Chairperson Marcia Neave summarised the following key themes that had emerged from the discussion:

If you have any queries in relation to the Commission’s work, or wish to provide us with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We wish you well for your ongoing work in your own communities, as well as through the various multi- faith forums in which you participate.

Thank you again, and kind regards.
Mary Polis
Chief Executive Officer
PO Box 535 Flinders Lane VIC 8009
Ph: 03 8689 0524
mob: 0488 472 304
Email: mary DOT polis AT rcfv DOT com DOT au

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