Glen Waverley Interchurch Council Prayer Calendar

This is the Prayer Calendar for 2022. It is a suggested guide for Congregations in the Glen Waverley area to be praying together for each of the churches in turn. It covers the period from 19 Dec 2021 to 05 Feb 2023.

Wheelers Hill Uniting 751-755 !FerntreeGully Rd, Wheelers Hill, 3150 Rev. Charles Sundaresan 19-Dec-21 03-Apr-22 17-Jul-22 30-Oct-22
Waverley Baptist Cnr Waverley & Lum Rd, Wheelers Hill, 3150 Rev. Pastor Dave Harrison 26-Dec-21 10-Apr-22 24-Jul-22 06-Nov-22
St. Leonard's Catholic 349 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, 3150 Rev. Fr. John Dowling 02-Jan-22 17-Apr-22 31-Jul-22 13-Nov-22
St. Barnabas Anglican 800 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley, 3150 Rev. Phillip Meulman 09-Jan-22 24-Apr-22 07-Aug-22 20-Nov-22
St John Vianney Catholic 23 Police Road, Mulgrave, 3170 Rev. Fr. Eric Alleaume OMI 16-Jan-22 01-May-22 14-Aug-22 27-Nov-22
Glen Waverley Uniting cnr Bogong & Kingsway, Glen Waverley, 3150 Rev. Neil Peters 23-Jan-22 08-May-22 21-Aug-22 04-Dec-22
Holy Saviour Catholic 5 Sherwood Rise, Vermont South, 3133 Rev. Fr. Julian Langridge 30-Jan-22 15-May-22 28-Aug-22 11-Dec-22
Redeemer Lutheran 25 Cypress Avenue, Glen Waverley, 3150 Rev. Pastor Wayne Muschamp 06-Feb-22 22-May-22 04-Sep-22 18-Dec-22
St. Christopher's Catholic 5 Doon Avenue, Syndal, 3150 Rev. Fr. Ralph Besterwitch 13-Feb-22 29-May-22 11-Sep-22 25-Dec-22
Monash City Church of Christ 44-48 Montclair Avenue, Glen Waverley, 3150 (vacant) 20-Feb-22 05-Jun-22 18-Sep-22 01-Jan-23
Good Shepherd Catholic 34 Academy Avenue, Wheelers Hill, 3150 Rev. Fr. Kaz. Trawicki 27-Feb-22 12-Jun-22 25-Sep-22 08-Jan-23
Mulgrave Uniting 62 Wanda St, Mulgrave, 3170 Rev. Rev Kharis Abadani 06-Mar-22 19-Jun-22 02-Oct-22 15-Jan-23
St. Matthew Anglican Earlwood Drive & Lum Rd, Mulgrave, 3170 Rev. Jed Crispin 13-Mar-22 26-Jun-22 09-Oct-22 22-Jan-23
St. Luke Anglican 59-61 Police Road, Mulgrave, 3170 Rev. Paul Bruce Ollington 20-Mar-22 03-Jul-22 16-Oct-22 29-Jan-23
St. Justin's Catholic 48 Whalley Drive, Wheelers Hill, 3150 Rev. Fr. Andrzej (Andrew) Madry 27-Mar-22 10-Jul-22 23-Oct-22 05-Feb-23

In your service kindly pray for the church assigned each Sunday, remembering: its clergy, its community, its needs.

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