Glen Waverley Inter Church Council Constitution



The name shall be the Glen Waverley District Inter Church Council (hereinafter called "The Council").


  1. To maintain and extend to the fullest extent the joint activities and mutual knowledge of all Christian Churches in the area covered by the Council, in all aspects of their life and work.
  2. To promote interest in and knowledge of the ecumenical movement among member Churches and to encourage its expression in appropriate corporate acts.
  3. To endeavour to establish a vital connection between the organized life and activities of the Churches and other forces which are shaping the life of society and to provide a common central point from which Christian leadership and inspiration will permeate the entire range of our comon life.
  4. To seek by united Christian witness to win men and women to faith in Christ, to the fellowship of His Church and to service of His Kingdom.
  5. To seek to do together all those things other than those which our present divisions require us to do separately.
  6. To consult with the Mount Waverley/Chadstone inter Church Council in presenting a common witness within the City of Waverley.


  1. Application for membership shall be open to those Churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures, and therefore seek to fulfil together their common calling to the glory of One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. Admission to membership shall be resolved by the Council on the basis of one (1) vote per member Church.
  3. Representation at Council meetings is open to more than ore representative from each member Church and may consist of clergy and/or lay members.


The Council shall be affiliated with the Victorian Council of Churches and such other ecumenical bodies as the Council may determine provided that such decision in respect of other bodies is approved by three quarters of those present and eligible to vote at a meeting of the Council.


A: Office Bearers

  1. The Office Bearers of the Council (hereinafter called the "Executive") shall be a President, two vice-Presidents, and a Secretary-Treasurer who are to be elected at the annual general meeting of the Council.
  2. Denominational representation shall be as wide as possible with each member retiring after two years in office unless unopposed at the annual meeting.
  3. The Executive shall have the power to co-opt additional Executive members.

B. Council and Annual General Meeting

  1. The Council shall meet at least five times a year with an annual general meeting being held in the period of September/ November of each year.
  2. The Council shall receive an annual report an~. audited financial statement and elect the office bears at each annual general meeting.
  3. Nominations for office bearers shall be in writing and signed by both the nominator and nominee and forwarded to the Secretary prior to the annual general meeting.
  4. The quorum for a meeting of the Council or the annual general meeting shall consist of representatives from at least three member churches.

C. Finance

  1. The work of the Council shall be financed by annual grants from member Churches, such amounts to be determined by the annual general meeting of the Council, based on the presentation of a budget for the forthcoming year.
  2. The Council shall be empowered to :
    1. Receive collections and donations from functions arranged by the Council; and
    2. Apply these funds to such uses as shall be agreed upon at any meeting of the Council.
  3. All moneys received on behalf of the Council shall be deposited in an account entitled "Glen Waverley District Inter Church Council". The Executive shall appoint three of its members to operate on the account with cheques being signed by any two of them.
  4. A financial statement shall be produced each year duly audited by an Auditor appointed by the annual general meeting.


  1. Amendments to the Aims (clause 2) and to the Membership (clause 3) shall only be made at the annual general meeting of the Council and provided that the amendment is approved by three quarters of those present and voting.
  2. Other amendments may be made at any meeting of the Council providing that notice of motion has been given at the previous meeting of the Council.


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