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Home is this page
About Us describes the Glen Waverley Inter Church Council and lists details of members
Live Streaming Times
Times of on-line worship services at our local churches.
Contact and Web Details Also a list of churches with their email and web addresses, since not all churches are offering live streaming.
News offers current and archive news, from church sources everywhere.
Meetings records agenda and minutes of meetings
Events gives a calendar of recent and forthcoming events organized by the Glen Waverley Interchurch Council.
Resources provides links to useful resources
Terms of References describes the GWICC Constitution

Current News

Monash Interfaith Gathering Inc.

GWICC has connections with the Monash Interfaith Gathering group. They have just published their new web page here.

VCC Newsletter

The latest VCC Newsletter can be found online by following the links at the VCC Home Page.

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